About Our Meat

Local Pride

The meat raised in Munster is excellent. That’s why nearly every product you see in O’Mahony’s originates in Munster, and half of those come from our family farm, Ballea Farm. Since we work directly with farmers and suppliers, our supply chain is short and our food miles stay low. By keeping it local, we’re able to serve you meat that’s in season and always at its best.

Carefully Selected

We follow a traditional system of our trade in which every person in our supply chain is a specialist. We know our suppliers, and we know that we can trust their expertise. This system brings in beasts of exceptional quality with complete traceability. We wouldn’t offer you anything less.

Generations of Experience

Each generation of butchers in our family goes for the highest standard of skills in our trade. We practice whole-beast butchery so we know the exact condition of the meat you buy and we can ensure it’s expertly prepared for you. We specialise in dry-ageing to provide you with beef of improved tenderness and flavour.

We were the first butcher shop in Cork to take on an apprentice after a 15-year lapse of what was once tradition. Now, the only way to become a butcher at O’Mahony’s is to apprentice with us for four years. It’s our way to ensure the meat you take home is handled by well-trained hands.

So Many Choices

As whole-beast butchers, we cut-to-order and make every part of the animal available to you. This means we can provide you with unusual and hard-to-find cuts of meat as well as your dinner table staples. No matter which meat and cut you select, we have ideas and advice for turning it into a meal you’ll want to eat again and again.

Unique and Easy Meal Ideas

Our cook-at-home recipes are brilliant when you want to treat yourself to a dinner that’s a bit different. And you’ll find they work just as well when you have a crowd to feed. We prepare our cook-at-home recipes on-site with ingredients from our fellow stallholders and local businesses.

We get to try new recipes, uncommon ingredients, and techniques from the cuisines of different cultures. You get a simple way to create a praiseworthy meal with very little forethought required.


To beat food waste, it takes an innovative approach. We’re always thinking of new, appealing purposes for the traditionally less popular portions of the animal. That’s how we’ve minimised our food waste and created products that have become favourites of our home cooks.

A Fuller Supply Chain

It’s important to us that we offer you choices that support the vitality of Ireland’s food system. We carry buffalo meat from Macroom and we host pop-up kid goat stalls to create an outlet for the by-products of the dairy industry — the young male animals — that would otherwise go to waste. We offer rose veal when it’s in season, an option that’s both delicious and humane.